Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

Azure Kubernetes Service Zero to Hero admin guide is an intermediate course which describes:
• Comparison of Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes solutions;
• Pros and Cons of Managed Kubernetes services;
• AKS Capacity Analysis;
• Detailed AKS network architecture;
• How to create an AKS cluster using Azure Portal and Azure CLI;
• Integrate AKS with Active Directory;
• Create Kubernetes users using self-signed certificates;
• How AKS creates and manages Azure storage resources;
• AKS monitoring and log debugging.


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What you'll learn:
  • What is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  • Managed vs self-managed Kubernetes solutions.
  • AKS Capacity Analysis.
  • Detailed AKS Network architecture.
  • How to create an AKS cluster using Azure Portal and Azure CLI.
  • AKS authentication and authorization, including integration with Active Directory.
  • How AKS manages Azure storage volumes.
  • AKS monitoring and log debugging.

Course content


Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Overview
  • What is AKS?
  • AKS pricing
Managed vs Self Managed Kubernetes
  • The truth about managed Kubernetes services
  • The good about managed Kubernetes services
  • The bad about managed Kubernetes services
  • Managed vs Self Managed comparison
AKS Capacity Analysis
  • Regions availability
  • Restricted Virtual Machine Sizes
  • Resource Group and Tags
  • Node Operating System
  • Kubernetes version
  • Network
  • Resources reservation
  • Azure subscription limits
  • Resource Group limits
AKS Network – Architecture
  • Kubenet (basic) vs Azure CNI (advanced)
  • Basic Load Balancer vs Standard Load Balancer
  • Recommendations
AKS Network – Egress Traffic
  • Basic External Load Balancer with dynamic outbound IP
  • Basic External Load Balancer with static outbound IP
  • Standard External Load Balancer
  • Standard External Load Balancer Customization
  • Internal network egress

Lab: Basic External Load Balancer with dynamic outbound IP

Lab: Basic External Load Balancer with static outbound IP 

AKS Network – Ingress Traffic
  • Ingress traffic from the Internet
  • HTTP Application Routing
  • Ingress traffic from internal network

Lab: External nginx-ingress / cert-manager (letsencrypt) / external-dns

Lab: Internal nginx-ingress / cert-manager (letsencrypt) / external-dns

Create AKS Cluster
  • Azure Portal vs Azure CLI
  • Using Azure Portal
  • Using Azure CLI

Lab: Using Azure CLI / ACR / K8S Dashboard

Lab: Using Azure Portal

AKS Access and Identity
  • AKS Authorization and Authentication
  • Generate kubeconfig for admins
  • Generate kubeconfig for users
  • Admin vs User – Security concerns

Lab: AKS auth

Integrate AKS with Azure Active Directory
  • Integration Architecture
  • Server Application
  • Client Application
  • Integrate AKS with Active Directory
  • Generate kubeconfig for AD users
  • Kubernetes RBAC for AD users and groups
  • Recommendations

Lab: AKS + Azure Active Directory

Kubernates Users
  • Generate self-signed certificates
  • Create kubeconfig files for users
  • RBAC for Kubernetes Users and Groups

Lab:  Kubernetes users

AKS Volumes
  • Provisioners
  • Storage Classes
  • Dynamic Volumes
  • Static Volumes

Lab: Dynamic Volumes

Lab: Storage Classes

AKS Monitoring & Logging
  • Enable AKS monitoring add-on
  • Telemetry and Healtchcheck
  • Log debugging
  • Recommendations



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Course Prerequisites

  • Familiarity with Azure Portal and Azure CLI.
  • Understanding of Kubernetes objects, such as Namespaces, Pods and RBAC.
  • Basic Bash and Linux command line knowledge.
  • Understanding of network concepts.

Who can attend

  • Fearless Kubernetes administrators.

Number of Hours: 30hrs



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  • Real Time Projects
  • Materials
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